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Home Automation (a.k.a Smart Homes) can mean so many different things to homeowners that it’s difficult to try and define it. One client may choose to control their music systems and home theater systems, while others may start small with lighting and temperature control. Yet others, may want a way to control their security systems and cameras. What’s great about today’s home automation systems is that they’re easy to use and grow over time. What’s even more impressive is that they work seamlessly with nearly every electronic device in your home, and you can control it all from anywhere in the world with a tap on your smartphone or tablet.

Imagine getting a text or email the second the kids arrive home from school safely. How about saving energy by connecting your thermostat to your system giving you the ability to easily control the temperature of your home while your home or away. Unlock the door for the dog sitter, while you’re on the 9th hole. Set custom scenes for your lighting to create the perfect ambience for any occasion, not to mention controlling every part of your home entertainment system. These are the ingredients for today’s modern home. We’ll guide you through what’s right for you, and show you how these things can make your life at home simple in a complicated world.

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    Create a page for mom with her preferred lighting scenes while she gets dinner ready, works on a project or reads and relaxes. A page for the kids to study, play a game or listen to their music and a page for dad for office work, entertaining guests or browsing the web. Easily control music in the room through the whole home. View, play, pause, or skip current song, album, or artist from music servers, tuners, or streaming services. Turn audio on or off or adjust volume, plus much, much more.

    Automation systems should make your life easier, not more complex. With virtually unlimited options, the challenge is deciding just where to begin. We’ll help you through the process of understanding what automation can do, and what will be the best solution for you and your family.

    Today’s technology requires a robust home network. Our smartphones, tablets, laptops, televisions, streaming devices, even the latest home appliances. WIFI networks are the foundation for the performance that today’s devices demand. At Premier Audio and Images, this is where we start all of our systems, at the foundation. We’ll design and install the best home network for today’s technology. Thanks to self-healing auto reboot, if a router, satellite receiver, or other device loses network connectivity, our smart detection technology will uncover the problem and automatically cycle the power.

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